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Winnipeg Jets Power Play: Shots and the Impact of Byufuglien

By traditional stats our powerplay is currently ranked 10th in the league. Not bad,right? However, looking closer it's pretty clear that there's some wonky percentages at play here.

James Guillory-US PRESSWIRE

Value League Rank
Shots per 60 minutes 32.7 30th
Goals per 60 minutes 7.9 9th
Shooting % 24.2% 1st

5v4 breakdown (source:

So right off the bat a 24.2% 5 on 4 shooting percentage isn't sustainable. As a baseline the league average last season was 5 on 4 was around 12%.

Those of us that put a value on shooting percentages will conclude that some unsustainable percentages have masked a godawful power play.

The first thought that jumped in my head was that Bufuglien's absence must play a big part in our problems generating shots on the powerplay.

Shots/60 Goals/60 Shooting %
Season Total 32.1 8.2 25.7%
First 5 Games (with Buff) 35.6 8.5 24.0%
Last 4 Games (no Buff) 25.7 7.7 30.0%

Powerplay breakdown with and without Buff

(Note the values don't exactly match those in the previous table. This data include 5 on 3 and 4 on 3 as I had to rely on NHL gamelogs).

So with Buff in the lineup we're generating close to 40% more powerplay shots. However, even then our powerplay hasn't been anywhere near respectable. 35.6 shots / 60 would still rank us dead last in the league.

Finally, how does this compare to last season?

Value League Rank
Shots per 60 minutes 45.6 21st
Goals per 60 minutes 6.2 10th
Shooting % 13.60% 5th

Last Season 5 on 4 breakdown

Perry Pearn, you've got some work to do.