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Scott Kosmachuk: Natural Goal Scorer

Winnipeg Jets newly signed prospect Scott Kosmachuk has a nose for the net like few others in the OHL.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

Scott Kosmachuk has long been one of the Winnipeg Jets more interesting prospects to people who nerd hard on this sort of thing. He ranked 14th on the AIH top 25 under 25. Scott Kosmachuk was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2012 NHL Draft - the same year that General Manager Kevin Cheveldayoff drafted Jacob Trouba. Kossy was looked at as a bit of a project. That project seems to be going well.

Going into the 2012 NHL Draft, Scott Kosmachuk had a number of elements of his game listed as "Cons". He wasn't a dominant point producer, he was slightly undersized, he wasn't a blazer, his defensive play was under fire and a few even questioned the consistency of his effort from night to night. Despite this, some 3rd party scouting services had him listed with a second round grade?

Why? Because Scott Kosmachuk scores goals!

Come On Guys, Let's Look at Scott Kosmachuk's Stats!! It Will Be Fun.

Notable in the numbers:

  • Solid point totals.
  • More goals than assists, three years running.

But just how many goals does he score? The raw numbers are right there, but they provide no context.


Scott Kosmachuk's 30 goals in his pre-draft season, were the second highest total among OHL draft eligibles.

Nail Yakupov was first with 31, although he did it in 41 games. Also worth noting is that Nail was born in 1993, Kossy was born in 1994. That extra year is known to help youngsters put up nice nice numbers.

Two players younger than Kossy outscored him that year.

Sean Monahan - he is really really good - scored 33 goals in 62 games. He was drafted 6th overall in the 2013 NHL Draft.

Kirby Rychel scored 41! goals in 68 games that season. He was drafted 17th overall in the 2013 Draft.

Draft +1 
In the 2012-13 season Kosmachuk scored more goals than any OHLer from his draft class.

He was again surpassed by two younger players, but again both were 1st round picks.

Kirby Rychel scored 40 goals in 68 games that year- who now plays with Kossy in Guelph by the way.

Max Domi scored 39 goals in 64 games (Drafted 12th overall in 2013). Not bad company.

While some were a little concerned about the small statistical step forward that Kossy took this year, his game changed quite visibly. Pre-draft he relied heavily on others to create offense for him. He found open ice and was fed pucks. In his Draft +1 season, Kossy began to create a lot more on his own and for the 1st time, led his team in scoring.

Draft +2 (This Year)

Kossy Keeps scoring goals! Scott Kosmachuk ranks 11th in OHL points, and currently sits 3rd in OHL goal scoring. The two players ranked ahead of him are un-drafted players that have come out of no-where. Kossy remains ahead of a number of 1st round picks from the 2012 and 2013 drafts and as a result has earned himself a solid entry level contract from the Winnipeg Jets.

Goal scoring is nice, but what else does he do?

Scott Kosmachuk is a fun player to watch. Much like the Winnipeg Jets 2013 draft pick JC Lipon, Kossy is a top notch agitator. He plays a physical game that goes beyond what you'd expect from a player his size and he is willing to drop the mitts when need be. Kossy's defensive game has improved and he plays on both special team units in junior.

It will be interesting to watch Scott Kosmachuk develop at the next level, but it is pretty safe to say he will be a fan favorite wherever he plays. Dude guy has a wicked shot and a lot of spunk. He goes to the dirty areas and scores goals. Scott Kosmachuk is a natural goal scorer. He has been one of the most consistent producers in the OHL over the last three years. Hopefully that continues at the next level.

Congrats on the contract kid!