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Gameday Preview: Winnipeg Jets fly into Chicago to face the Blackhawks

The Winnipeg Jets are looking to avenge the 5-1 loss they suffered at the MTS Centre Saturday afternoon vs Chicago.

Marianne Helm

The Jets did not have their best game of the season last time these two teams met. Three soft goals let in by Ondrej Pavelec killed the Jets momentum early, and once the game settled, they just were not able to produce enough offense to battle back.

The Jets haven't done very well so far this season in their last 5 road games with a 1-3-1 record. A divisional match-up like this is crucial if the Jets want to turn the ship around. The Jets/ Trashers franchise has also lost six straight games to the Blackhawks so we must be due for a victory right?

Who will get the start in net for the Winnipeg Jets is certainly a hot button issue right now among fans. Montoya looked solid when called upon to finish the game vs. the Blackhawks on Saturday and put forward a fantastic game in a 4-2 win over Detroit. History would suggest Claude Noel will play his workhorse Ondrej Pavelec, however, he did acknowledge the possibility of Al Montoya getting his second straight start Wednesday night.

We'll look at it and assess it, we'll consider (going back to Montoya).

Keys for the Winnipeg Jets

NOTHING EASY! This Blackhawks team is way too talented to allow easy goals. In order to beat them you need to make sure that they have to earn everything. Put a body on their forwards and limit the number of quality scoring chances. If you let Patrick Kane get a breakaway he is going to do something incredible. Let's keep his submissions for goal of the year against other teams.

Stay out of the box. Again building off the idea that this Blackhawks team is really really good. You simply can't let them get on the man advantage and go to work. While this Jets team is capable of putting up large scoring outputs, they are not something that we should ever rely on. Keeping this game at 5 on 5 and wearing Chicago down is the best chance the Jets have at coming away with a victory.

Goaltending. No matter who is in net, the Jets absolutely need to have a strong performance out of the man between the pipes. The Jets did a great job holding the Blackhawks to under 30 shots in their last match-up. If they can do this again at the United Center they will have a much better chance at pulling of this upset.

Keys for the Blackhawks

Don't take bad penalty's. The Blackhawks have the worst penalty kill in the league. The Jets are by no stretch of the imagination an offensive juggernaut, so if they can keep the Jets powerplay in the hanger tonight they shouldn't have too much trouble matching their offensive output.

Dominate puck possession. The Blackhawks have a 56.3 Corsi percentage this season in 5 on 5 season. (look mom I'm learning #FancyStats). Only the Kings have a better percentage in these situations. Hockey isn't a complicated game, if you dominate possession and put shots on net, you're going to have more success than a team that doesn't do those things.

Push the pace. If the Blackhawks can get the Jets into a track-meet they are likely to draw bad penalties and wear the Jets down. The Blackhawks are a team with an identity, while the Jets like to play Jekyll and Hyde. Get the Jets into a game that they aren't comfortable playing and a victory will follow.

Player to Boo mercilessly.

Patrick Kane - Cause he's good and we boo'd Toews last time.

Pump up song? WHY NOT!


Noel goes with Montoya, Jets get an empty netter at the end.

3-1 Jets