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Further review of NHL GameCenter Live: It's still pretty okay

Are you thinking of watching more hockey? If so, NHL GameCenter Live has you covered.


In the years we've been together, I hope that I've taught you a few things about myself. Lately, my teachings have revolved around the corporate shill I am. So yeah, allow me to spill some cyber ink in gushing on the awesomeness that is NHL GameCenter Live.

At its core, NHL GameCenter Live is a really sweet application, especially for an out-of-market fan such as myself. If you thought I wasn't going to plug my absolute, undying, unwavering, love for the Washington Capitals in the opening paragraphs, you clearly have gleaned nothing of what I'm about in past readings. Skullduggery and treachery: that's me. Anyway, watching the Washington Capitals can be pretty tough sometimes, because -- let's be frank -- TSN doesn't air them nearly as often as they should. Canada would be a better place if the Washington Capitals were aired on national television oh, say forty-two times a year. If you people were more concerned in watching the best hockey rather than your favourite hockey, this wouldn't be a debate.

Whatever, I digress.

Since Canadian programming doesn't seem to get it, NHL GameCenter Live picks up the slack. Any game (except for those locally and nationally televised), any time (well, almost any time, so long as you aren't having connectivity problems), hockey is at your fingertips. Be it on XBOX, PS3, Apple TV, IPhone, IPad, IEverything and probably Android (urgh, Android) NHL GameCenter Live's multi-platform ability is truly its greatest selling point. I can watch Braden Holtby beast out in my living room, in my bed, in my shower, in my car, on a bus, on a camel (pending Wifi or 3G connection), seriously, I cannot stress this enough… ANYWHERE. Do you wish you had that kind of freedom? Of course you do. I have it. I'm awesome.

Now, be sure that NHL GameCenter Live isn't all roses. Because it relies solely on internet connection, it can occasionally be prone to buffering, lag, sub-HD quality etc. Having said that, its detractions are far fewer than its accolades.

Again, if you cheer for out-of-market teams then this is a must-have application. Being able to replay games after their conclusion gives this application a leg-up on NHL Center Ice, a service that forces you to juggle around your DVR settings should you need to record a game. That sounds tedious and you don't strike me as the kind of person that puts up with tediousness. Not to mention that for the low, low price of $169.00 CAD, NHL GameCenter Live is an investment that essentially pays for itself at years' end.

So whether you're a mega hockey fan, an admirer of old time hockey (available through GCL's Vault) or an unapologetic Caps' fan like me, NHL GameCenter Live is a great way to blow your hard-earned money on NHL hockey related things.

However, if you're some curmudgeonly, uppity, yuppy Winnipeg Jets'  fan who doesn't love hockey outside of watching how many games it takes for Ondrej Pavelec to get demoted, TSN Jets is likely better tailored for you. But you knew that already because you already own it. But you still need to be told that you're super lame.

And you probably own an Android.

Super lame.