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Instant Recap: Winnipeg Jets lose 5-4 to the Calgary Flames in the shootout

The cardiac kids found a way to battle back all night and were able to earn a chance to get a win in the shootout. But their efforts only resulted in one point as the Flames got the shootout win.

Marianne Helm


Well that was… something.

The Winnipeg Jets were involved in a back-and-forth slugfest against the Calgary Flames Monday night. They made sure everybody in Winnipeg had enough adrenaline pumping through them to keep them going for the rest of the week. Sleeping is overrated anyways right?

Unfortunately all the excitement resulted only in one point for the Jets as they were unable to outlast the Flames in a skills competition. Rookie centre Sean Monahan salted the game away for the Flames who have now won their fourth road game of the season.

Quick Thoughts:

  • Dustin Byfuglien is a big man. He made his presence felt throughout the night. That being said, I still do not understand why he was sent to the box to start the third period. He was basically just retaliating to being hit over the head. He's just doesn't know his own strength. He's a misunderstood gentle giant and I refuse to listen to anyone suggest anything else.
  • The Jets outplayed the Flames throughout the majority of this game. While taking 69% of the shots during the first two periods they still found themselves trailing 2-1. Some may use this as an opportunity to talk about how the Jets give up "scoring chances" and have the only defense that gives up quality opportunities in the history of hockey. But this was simply not the case. It was a bad case of puck luck. Having possession and generating chances is the name of the game in hockey. That's what the Jets did throughout tonight, you just have to keep your composure and continue with the game plan.
  • The Jets came back to tie the game four times throughout the night after falling behind. It was an incredible showing of composure from a team that doesn't typically show that kind of character. It all culminated with the Jets leading scorer Bryan Little scoring the fourth for the Jets with 5.6 remaining to send the game to overtime.
  • Montoya did not have his best performance as a member of the Winnipeg Jets. I really am not sure what he was doing laying on the ice during the play that ended up resulting in the fourth goal for the flames. The goal did appear to deflect off the skate of Mark Scheifele, but the fact of the matter was Montoya was not in a position to make a save.
  • Speaking of Scheifele, he was a liability tonight. He was absolutely invisible out there and tentative. It was disappointing to see that he wasn't able to bounce back from his poor performance late against the Wild. The Jets have decided to groom 55 in the NHL, so this is the kind of play they will have to live with it. You have to let him make mistakes and grow. It'll cost you at times, but you just have to hope this is part of the process for him to become a reliable top 6 centre in the NHL.
  • Bryan Little has really been earning his pay this season. If this is what we can expect over the life of his contract... sign me up. Just would be nice if he could score with more time left on the clock so that I don't get more grey's than I already have.
  • Andrew Ladd is a shootout king. That is all.
  • The fans definitely got a lot of free hockey tonight. But in the end the Jets were only able to come away with a point.
  • Overall it was a good game for the Jets. It is just a disappointing/ deflating result. They remain a .500 team (point percentage), but a full two points would go a long way towards keeping pace in the division.