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#PavWatch Kings and Ducks in the Wild

The Jets are sitting at 2-2 heading into Friday nights matchup against the Dallas stars. But how has Ondrej Pavelec done thus far?

Marianne Helm

By now most of you should know the premise behind this exercise. We are breaking down the goals allowed by Ondrej Pavelec and the other teams opposing netminder to determine how many games Pavelec really keeps us in, or blows for us, in relation to the opposition. I will now be switching the format over to cover things week by week rather than game by game recaps. It'll be a little bit less in depth but still give us an opportunity to break down and debate Pavelec's performance throughout the season. I am also tracking how he scores relative to his opponent on an excel spreadsheet. At the end of each month I'll give a progress report on his performance. So let's get into it!

Kings Game:

Kings @ Jets 10/04/13 (via NHL)

Pavs Performance:

Goal 1: This one was an unlucky bounce off Dustin Byfuglien's skate. Can't blame Pavs.

Goal 2: A ton of traffic, nothing Pavs could have done here. Blameless through two goals.

Goal 3: I want to blame both Pavs and the team on this one. This is a classic case of the lack of toughness displayed by the Jets defenders in front of the net. The third time Pavs allowed a goal while being screened. We need to do a better job clearing the space in front of the net. While the deflection off the post was wild it happened because Pavs got beat, a quarter of an inch the other direction and it banks in. In the moment I was pissed off at Pavelec, but this is a great representation of the Jets, A soft team that doesn't help it's inconsistent goaltender. 1 on Pavs but I don't feel great about it.

Quick's Performance:

Goal 1: Softer than Charmin. While Evander Kane's first shot deflecting back to him may have thrown him off, the fact remains Quick was still in position and able to see the shot coming. Bad goal.

Goal 2: I struggled with this one. It was a pretty juicy rebound that Jonathon Quick gave up that lead to the Jokinen goal. While at the same time it was a great job by the Jets putting pucks on net and sticking with the play resulting in a goal. In the end I'm putting this one on Quick as well, he saw the puck coming on the initial shot and could have done a better job with rebound control.

Goal 3: Kane in the slot while the Benny Hill theme is playing in the background. Just a beautiful shot. Can't put it on Quick.

Goal 4: Awesome effort by the Jets. This is what Kane does best. Make something happen with his size and speed. The Gooch gets the rebound and wraps it around and in. The Kings really could have done a better job clearing the puck/ shielding the net. I'm going to blame this on the Quick's teammates.

Goal 5: Was Quick even in the net? What a lack of hockey IQ!!!! So to recap. Quick: 2 on him, 1 on the team, one on Kane being a stud.

Final Score: Pavs outplays Quick and the Jets win 5-3

Game in a gif:



Duck Hunting

This game had some special meaning for some people. I guess people still feel a special connection to a man that touched our lives:

A Night at the Roxbury: Emilio Estevez (via GreenZombify)


Ducks @ Jets Highlights 10/06/13 (via NHL)

Pavs Game:

Goal 1: What are you doing laying down on the ice man? It was unnecessary and for that Pavs gets the blame.

Goal 2: The blame on this one goes on the duo of Clitsome and Stuart. They were simply awful on the entire possession that lead to the goal. The result was a back breaker for the Jets.

Goal 3: The Bogo Blunder.

Fasth's Game

Goal 1: Captian Ladd with the nice tip in front. Can't blame Viktor.

Goal 2: Things got a little wild here. Crazy puck ends up on the tape of Ladd's stick and he buried it. No blame on the netminder in my eyes.

Recap: With two goals that can be blamed honestly entirely on his teammates it absolves Pavelec of the blame on his own gaff. He wins this matchup based on the fact that he was a stud and the team let him down.

Game in a gif:

When Pavelec outplays the rest of the team we are in a weird zone...



Wil'n' Out

Jets 1 @ Wild 2 Highlights 10/10/13 (via NHL)

Pavs Performance:

Goal 1: Odd bounce off Pavs appears to be swatted in. Some blame needs to be put on Pavs but at the same time Trouba needed to do a better job of putting a body on Brodin so he wasn't there for the rebound.

Goal 2: F@#k Matt Cooke. Seriously hate that guy. But Pavs needed to do a better job freezing the puck on that play. The funniest part for me is the two seconds where the initial shot is stopped but three Jets just stand around in front of the net, don't try batting the puck away, or stopping Cooke from flying in. I'm putting this one on Pavs though because between the two goals he needs to at least have one knock against him.

Working hard or Harding working?

Goal 1: Finally the Jets actually closed in around the net on a 5 on 3 and got their first goal with the two man advantage since Noel's hair had colour. It was a nice deflection in front by Little that I won't blame Josh for.

Recap: Harding wins this matchup in a sleeper for him. He only had to make 15 saves. While Pavelec didn't exactly cost us the game he could have been better. Overall the main culprit for this game was the horrible effort put forward by the Jets. There are the natural born leaders on this team and their effort shows up every night, but the rest of this team simply does not follow their example nor do they seem to be motivated by Noel. It's simply exhausting.

Game in a gif:



So far this year Pavelec has only been outplayed once. Unfortunately his effort hasn't been completely rewarded as the Jets sit at 2-2. Hopefully Noel gives Pavelec some rest so he may be able to actually put his positive momentum to good use. However continuity, momentum, and player management do not seem to be the strong suit of Claude. All we can do as Jets fans is hope. I'll be at tonight's game and I really hope Montoya is in net.