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Friday Morning Altitude Check: Back in action at the MTS Centre

Today's open discussion thread, complete with your daily dose of Winnipeg Jets-related news and notes.

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Hey all! Here is our feature running Monday through Friday that will bring you up to date on what's going on in the media pertaining to the Winnipeg Jets and elsewhere in the NHL.

Here is what's in the news for Friday, January 11, 2013:

First time long time for Jets' players as they were finally back on the MTS Centre ice yesterday. [WFP]

Paul Friesen opines that Ondrej Pavelec hasn't heard the end of his DUI conviction. [Winnipeg Sun]

Gary Lawless sits down with Mark Chipman for an exclusive interview that touched a bit on sitting across from Ron Hainsey at the negotiating table: "It was fine. I have a good relationship with Ron. I would say this -- I admire how much time and energy he invested in this process. He was there in the beginning and right to the end. I've told him this, I give him full credit for showing the courage of his convictions and I'm looking forward to talking to him again. Dealing with the players was a good experience." [WFP]

Alexander Burmistrov talks about his time in St. John's to start the year: "It’s a fun city. It’s a good place to play hockey, too," he said. "Great fans. Great organization. It’s all connected to the Jets. Team was good. Lots of young guys. Everybody was working hard. It was a good experience for me." [Winnipeg Sun]

The Jets are expected to call up Zach Redmond, Paul Postma, Spencer Machacek, Maxime Macenauer and the aforementioned Burmistrov for the start of training camp. [WFP]

Jets Nation takes a look at the viability of Jets' players in fantasy drafts. [Jets Nation]

How will the NHL be able to bring its fans back? Steve Lepore investigates. [SB Nation]

The handiness of SB Nation United in effect: Season previews from a plethora of NHL blogs. [SB Nation]

Would have touched on it yesterday but Jets' links took over: The Toronto Maple Leafs have fired Brian Burke. Our pals at Pension Plan Puppets have all the coverage you need. [PPP]

While some American teams have been offering fans discounts, no such perks have been seen north of the border. [Globe and Mail]

Finally, take a look at the Los Angeles Kings 2012 Stanley Cup rings. Swerve. [Puck Daddy]