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Winnipeg Jets prospect Arturs Kulda has signed a deal with Sibir Novosivirk of the KHL

Bongarts/Getty Images

Winnipeg Jets prospect Arturs Kulda has reportedly signed a deal with Sibir Novosivirk of the KHL.

For those of us that have a little easier time with English, this is the Google Translate translation:

@arty_kulda talkative and pleasant to the first opinion) is pleased that he will be playing in Siberia),

So, what does this mean to the Jets moving forward? Nothing really. Kulda was an RFA when he signed this deal so the Jets keep his NHL rights. This may actually be the best for both parties. The Jets don't have an NHL roster spot available to Kulda, and they also have a glut of left handed D prospects (Cody Sol, Julian Melchiori and Will O'Neill) that will be pushing for AHL ice time.

It is debatable whether or not this move will help of hinder Kulda's development, but this is probably the safest move for him. Moving to the KHL likely nets Kulda a few more dollars that he would have earned in the AHL this year. It also gives hims a little more financial certainty in the face of what could be a lockout shortened season.

Kulda will continue his development overseas and if his game continues to progress he may return to take an NHL roster spot in a year or two. If he doesn't develop as planned, then there is no tangible loss. It will be interesting to see how Kulda's heavy, big hitting game translates to the big ice overseas.

Keep your head up Mr. Radulov!