Wojtek Wolski signs for $600k, AIH writer scratches head


The Washington Capitals have signed Wojtek Wolski to a one year contract worth $600,000. Wolski is coming off of the worst season of his career in which he scored just 4 goals and 8 assists in 31 games, missing significant time due to a hernia and recurring groin injury. I am in awe of what an incredible deal this is for the Capitals. Wolski is a guy with top 6 talent who, prior to this season, had scored 35 points or more in every season in which he'd played. He has cracked the 45 point level three times and scored 17 or more goals three times in his six year career. At $600k Wolski is an incredibly cheap gamble with 50 point upside. Had the Jets signed Wolski for 50% or even 100% more than the Capitals had paid, I'd have applauded the deal as a decent low risk, high upside gamble. At $600k I am simply left to wonder why the Jets wouldn't attempt to outbid the Capitals for his services. Despite the fact that the Jets currently have 11 forward under contract plus RFAs to re-sign, if it would have cost less than $1 million to get a guy like Wolski in the lineup over Chris Thorburn or Antti Miettinen, I'd have been happy as a clam to pay it.