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Altitude Check: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 Winnipeg Jets News Headlines

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Hey all! Here is our feature running Monday through Friday that will bring you up to date on what's going on in the media pertaining to the Winnipeg Jets and elsewhere in the NHL.

Ed. Note: Now that we are through with the Stanley Cup Finals, Altitude Check will only be running on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Here is what's in the news for Wednesday, July 11, 2012:

So what does Jacob Trouba think about the first day of Jets development camp, including playing in front of 700+ spectators? "You don't get that everywhere. It was cool to come out there and see all those people that come out and support the team. It was fun. A little nerve-wracking at the beginning. But I got the hang of it, and just went out there and played." [Winnipeg Sun]

More Trouba: After being accused of poaching Jacob Trouba for the sum of $200,000, the Kitchener Rangers are filing a 1MM lawsuit against The Michigan Daily: "Our intent is that we will file a statement of claim for damages," said Bienkowski, who retained Blakes law firm hours after the story was published. "We have to look at every option we have. Where it ends up, who knows?" [USOH]

Even more Trouba: At a hulking 6'2" and 193LBS, Trouba is still the runt of his family. To put it in perpsective, his uncle is 7'1". The size which he possesses at the age of 18 has a big inpact on the style of player he is: "I always play with an edge. I'm competitive. That's who I am as a player. I wouldn't say I live for that, but it's part of the game that I've embraced and I enjoy doing. It's definitely part of my game." [WFP]

Apparently being a member of the Sutter family means you're expected to be pretty tough and talented hockey player. Unfortunately, no one told Brody that. Anyway, here's what Lukas has to say about carrying on the family name: "It's a legacy in the game of hockey. It's something I want to live up to and be a part of. That's one thing my dad and uncles have preached to me... my mom and sisters also have that in them. That something that comes with the territory with the last name. It's also the morals and values you were raised up on. There hasn't been a second option for me. There hasn't been a second desire. It's always been about being the best player I can be and the best person I can be." [WFP]

The trials and tribulations of Vinny Saponari who has come a long way since his days at Boston University and is now hoping he can parlay his play this week into a training camp invite. [Winnipeg Sun]

Although Ivan Telegin has not been taking part in on-ice practice after suffering an off-season wrist injury, he's still in town and will be accessible to the media later this week. That and more on Jets development camp from FOTB Ed Tait. [WFP]

Former Manitoba Moose captain Jimmy Roy offers a glimpse into what development camp is all about: "There's three components to it: For us to learn a little bit about them, for them to learn about us and an opportunity for us to teach them the things we think are important in the game and outside of the game. It's also about getting them into camp, getting them into Winnipeg and getting them to feel comfortable about the Winnipeg Jets and what it's going to feel like when you come into a main camp." [WFP]

In case you haven't noticed, Ed Tait is running our Free Press coverage today /beastmode. Here he catches up with Winnipeg native Jason Gregoire as he is coming off his first season of pro hockey as a member of the St. John's IceCaps: "That's one thing I realized [in St.John's]: there's lots of good hockey players out there. It's a dogfight just to stay in the AHL and even moreso to make it to the big club here. It's the grind, it's staying in shape, it's staying healthy, it's eating, sleeping right and just keeping your body prepared to play today, tomorrow."[WFP]

Zach Bogosian gives his thoughts on the off-season moves of the Jets: "We've gotten bigger up front and that's something that's going to help us. Al Montoya, playing with him a little bit at (previous) World Championships, he's a good goaltender. Our management has done a pretty good job. We've gotten better with those three signings, for sure." Sorry Tim Stapleton, you must be THIS tall to attend Winnipeg Jets training camp. Better luck next year. [Winnipeg Sun]

Video of Zach Redmond, Adam Lowry and Zach Yuen as they talk about the early stages of camp. []

Arctic Ice Hockey has covered this a fair bit, but Paul Friesen catches up with a few of the undrafted prospects at development camp who hope they can make an name for themselves. [Canoe]

The Ottawa Senators have re-signed 33 year old forward Chris Neil to a 3 year deal worth 1.91 AAV. [Puck Daddy]

The Sens also signed Tyler Eckford to a two-way deal. [Silver Seven]

The Tampa Bay Lightning have re-signed Teddy Purcell to a three year contract. They were also active in trading two fourth round draft picks for B.J. Crombeen and a fifth round pick. [Raw Charge]

Do the Kitchener Rangers really break the rules? Head Coach Steve Spott proclaims that notion to be a misnomer. /shock: "The highly successful Kitchener Rangers are among a handful of teams often rumoured to cheat the draft system. "We don't manipulate anything," says Rangers GM and head coach Steve Spott, who has heard the talk. "Parents have options and we all take chances and risks (at the draft) and you hope that some of them pay off." "Sometimes we get painted with a brush that can be unfair." [The Star]

How SB Nation hockey bloggers would fix the abundant regurgitation that goes into the NHL Networks summer programming. [SB Nation]

Brad Richards flaunts his Adonis-like sculpt in the latest issue of ESPN's body magazine. [Puck Daddy]

Finally, here's some fun: 1. Have some drinks. 2. Have some more drinks. 3. Try drawing each teams NHL logo from memory. Daniel Wagner attempts this feat and hilarity ensues, especially as it pertains to the Columbus Blue Jackets. [Backhand Shelf]