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The Goalies Are Signing! The Goalies Are Signing! Lets Compare!


Lots of money is being thrown around right now. Sid the Kid landed a cool 100 mill today. Dennis Wideman got a huge deal last night. Hall Gill even landed himself a couple M's, but really who cares about them these guys. The two signings that most interest me at the two new goaltender signings. Tuukka Rask and Johnathan Quick both signed deals today and neither guy signed for cheap. Why does this matter to Jets fans? It probably doesn't, but we can still compare these deals to what Chevy paid our Giant.

Ondrej Pavelec - Winnipeg jets

5 years, $19.5 Million with a $3.9 Million cap hit.

Tuukka Rask - Boston Bruins

1 year, $3.5 Million with a 3.5 Million cap hit.

Johnathan Quick - Los Angeles Kings

10 years, $58 Million with a 5.8 Million cap hit.

Now I am not going to offer too much analysis here, mostly because I have been told my analysis sucks, but I would like to say most scouts consider Pavi and Rask to be comparable players. Pavi has obviously got more experience, meanwhile Rask has posted far better numbers albeit on a far better team.

The Quick deal doesn't really relate to the Pavi deal, but it does very likely to set the table for Cary Price. I am curious to see how this impacts Corey Schneider. I think he will be a bit of a wild card. He has probably earned more than Pavi, but less than either Quick or Price.

With what you folks know now, do you feel more or less comfortable with what Pavi got? Do you care?

Let us know what you think!