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Altitude Check: Wednesday, June 27, 2012 Winnipeg Jets News Headlines

Time to sit back and watch the money pour in!
Time to sit back and watch the money pour in!

Hey all! Here is our feature running Monday, Wednesday and Friday that will bring you up to date on what's going on in the media pertaining to the Winnipeg Jets and elsewhere in the NHL.

Ed. Note: Now that we are through with the Stanley Cup Finals, Altitude Check will only be running on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Here is what's in the news for Wednesday June 27, 2012:

I don't know if you guys heard, but the Jets resigned Ondrej Pavelec and lots of people have been talking about it. As Ed Tait says, it is time for Pavi to prove he is worth it. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Meanwhile, Ken Wiebe pulls out his pom poms to celebrate the signing. The attached poll results show that 72% of Winnipegers think Pav is a top 10 goaltender. I really don't understand that. [Winnipeg Sun]

Jonathan Willis takes a more analytical approach. [NHL Numbers]

Now that Pav is signed, Chevy has other business to handle. He still has to make decisions on his UFAs, sign Evander Kane and figure out who to approach in free agency. It will definitely be interesting to see who they covet. [Winnipeg Free Press]

Some more on the Kane negotiations and the possibility of signing Justin Schultz. I don't know that we are likely contenders for his services, but he would be a welcome addition. [Winnipeg Sun]

A Jets draft breakdown by our friends out east. Most of these guys will get a tour of duty in the A, so don't expect to see them for 2-3 years at the earliest. []

Finally, for the statistically inclined, Robert Cleave did a great little piece on why the Jets lost despite a favorable goal differential. [NHL Numbers]