Behind The Bench: Will Perry Pearn add Punch to the Powerplay?

Here are a few tweets from Scott Brown of True North Sports and Entertainment:

No mind blowing news here, but the addition of Perry Pearn is an interesting one. I am not sure exactly what role the Jets will have for him, but I am going to guess that he will end up helping with special teams.

Pearn last tour of duty was with the Montreal Canadiens where he was in charge of the powerplay. The team got off to a poor start (1-5-2) last year and he was fired after only eight games. The powerplay was an unimpressive 3-32 through that stretch. That said, Habs had a very productive powerplay the two seasons prior finishing 2nd and 7th. They fell to 28th last year without Pearn.

Despite the early season slump, Pearn actually had the Canadiens' powerplay humming at the start of the 2011-12 season. Shortly after it happened, our own Hawerchuk dissected the Canadiens' decision to let Pearn go. Let's just say he thought it was a silly move. Lets hope we see a boost in the Jets' special teams play next year.

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