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The Jets' Potential Draft Picks, 9th Overall 2012

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Part of the reason I love this time of year are, obviously, the playoffs, but we also get a chance to see the various scout rankings for the upcoming draft. It's a bit of information that, with our 9th overall pick, we need to pay great attention to; those top 10 picks are the kinds of picks you build a franchise around, or at the very least they become important building blocks. Thankfully, we have the dogged work of guys like Derek Zona and Corey Pronman to help us with our analysis, Zona for his development of the Draft Consensus Top 100, and Pronman for the fact that he's one of the few draft analysts who generates his list with possession in mind and he's rarely hyperbolic in regards to potential. Please, please, please, do check out his Top 100 List and be sure to check in as he provides in-depth analysis of the picks. He should be the first guy you turn to for this stuff.

With Derek's and Corey's information available to us, I want to take a look at some of the guys who might be around for our 9th pick(using Derek's ranks). Then, using Corey's, I'll look at some guys of value who might fall to us there. In two later pieces, I'll look at our 39th and 70th picks as well.

Generally, I'm going to look at three forwards, three defencemen that the Consensus rankings suggest will be available at our three picks (starting with this installment, the 9th pick), and then three fallers (per Corey's ranks) from either position.

Consensus --- Forwards

Teuvo Teravainen --- LW,C --- Jokerit (SM-Liiga) --- 5'11" (180cm), 165 lbs (75kg)

Season Teams Leagues/Tourneys TGP G A PTS PIM
2011-12 Jokerit, Jokerit U20 SM-Liiga, Jr A. Liiga 82 39 36 75 20

Finland U20/U18, Kiekko-Vantaa International/WJC, Finland 2

2010-11 Jokerit U20/U18 Jr. A SM-Liiga, Jr. B SM-Sarja 76 14 44 58 61

Finland U18/U17 International/WJC/WHC

2009-10 Jokerit U18/U16 Jr. B SM-Sarja, Jr. C SM-Sarja 70 47 60 107 42

Finland U16 International

Sometimes when you look at guys like Teravainen it's hard to get a sense of just how much they play during the year; European players put in a lot of international time, but the focus always seems to be on the length of their regular season (~35-45 games). For all these players, I'm going to lump together all their international, regular season, and playoff statistics. While this is a questionable practice in some ways, the inclusion of all those international games (I think) brings to us an idea of European players' performance against players their age (in the same way CHL stats do for North American players).

Pontus Åberg --- LW,RW --- Djurgården (SEL) --- 5'11" (180cm), 187 lbs (85kg)

Season Teams Leagues/Tourneys TGP G A PTS PIM
2011-12 Djurgården, Djurgården J20 SEL, SuperElit 75 22 17 39 8

Sweden U19/U20 International

2010-11 Djurgården, Djurgården J20/J18 SEL, SuperElit, J18 Elit/Alls. 66 32 35 67 49

Sweden U18 International

2009-10 Djurgården J20/J18 SuperElit, J18 Elit/Allsvenskan 67 42 47 89 46

Sweden U17 International/WHC

Zemgus Girgensons --- C,RW --- Dubuque (USHL) --- 6'2" (188cm), 198 lbs (90kg)

Season Teams Leagues/Tourneys TGP G A PTS PIM
2011-12 Dubuque USHL 55 28 33 61 75

Latvia U20 WJC

2010-11 Dubuque USHL 67 28 36 64 62

Latvia U20 WJC

2009-10 Green Mountain EJHL/EmJHL 50 29 32 61 21

Latvia U18 WJC

Though it's closer to worth the risk, I'd prefer if the Jets picked one of these guys. I've professed my love for Teravainen before, but Aberg and Girgensons provide some guys with a bit better track record of two-way play; Girgensons is already going the college route, and I really like the polish that comes from guys who make that decision. Obviously, if Alex Galchenyuk falls to here we better take a chance, but I highly doubt that will happen. Radek Faksa, incidentally, actually falls below Sebastian Collberg (after Girgensons) in the Consensus Rankings.

Consensus --- Defencemen

Jacob Trouba --- RD --- United States NTDP (USHL) --- 6'2" (188cm), 194lbs (88kg)

Season Teams Leagues/Tourneys TGP G A PTS PIM
2011-12 Unites States NTDP USHL 34 5 18 23 43


2010-11 United States NTDP/USNT U18/U17 USHL/USDP 92 14 29 43 100


2009-10 Compuware U18/U16 MWEHL/Midget AAA 41 14 14 28 42

Griffin Reinhart --- RD --- Edmonton (WHL) --- 6'4" (193cm), 198lbs (90kg)

Season Teams Leagues/Tourneys TGP G A PTS PIM
2011-12 Edmonton WHL 71 13 29 42 56
2010-11 Edmonton WHL 55 7 25 32 46

Canada Pacific U17 WHC

2009-10 Edmonton WHL 39 12 30 42 38

Vancouver NW BCMML

Cody Ceci --- RD --- Ottawa (OHL) --- 6'1" (185cm), 209lbs (95kg)

Season Teams Leagues/Tourneys TGP G A PTS PIM
2011-12 Ottawa OHL 82 19 56 75 20
2010-11 Ottawa OHL 79 9 28 37 34

Canada U18 WJC

2009-10 Ottawa OHL 82 4 11 15 12

Canada Ontario U17 WHC

A quick note: I put "RD" only to denote that they shoot right.

Trouba is talked up quite a bit in many circles, but I have to say that by the numbers I'm more intrigued by Reinhart and Ceci. The latter two have played well enough to merit 3 years of CHL experience, which is saying something about their overall game.


Radek Faksa --- C --- Kitchener (OHL) --- 6'3" (191cm), 203lbs (92kg) --- Pronman Rk: 10, Consensus Rk: 15

Season Teams Leagues/Tourneys TGP G A PTS PIM
2011-12 Kitchener OHL 81 33 42 75 61

Czech Republic U20 International/WJC

2010-11 HC Trinec U20/U18 Czech U20/U18 74 35 41 76 72

Czech Republic U18 International/WJC

2009-10 HC Trinec U20/U18/U16 Czech U20/U18/U16 51 28 25 53 66

Czech Republic U16 International

Teuvo Teravainen --- LW,C --- Jokerit (SM-Liiga) --- Pronman: 5, Consensus: 9

Sebastian Collberg --- RW,LW --- Frolunda (SEL) --- 5'11" (180cm), 174lbs (79kg) --- Pronman: 11, Consensus: 14

Season Teams Leagues/Tourneys TGP G A PTS PIM
2011-12 Frölunda, Frölunda J20/J18 SEL, SuperElit, J18 Alls. 92 26 30 56 44

Sweden U20/U18 International/WJC

2010-11 Frölunda, Frölunda J20/J18 SEL, SuperElit, J18 Alls. 70 41 42 83 16

Sweden U18/U17 International

2009-10 Mariestad, Mariestad J20/J18 Sw Div1, J20/J18 Elit 64 49 43 92 48

Västergötland TV-Pucken

Sweden U16 International

Pronman, by design, has the defencemen bumped down a bit lower, so that's why we're seeing all forwards here. Faksa and obviously Teravainen are the most impressive to me, and I'd be happy with either.

One thing these cumulative totals calls to mind is the myth that European players have "short" seasons, but also the different effect of European development on the boxcars. Many 1st-round European prospects have already dominated their junior counterparts and, by their draft year, are playing semi-NHL talent (but too often with low TOI). That guys like Teravainen and Filip Forsberg are able to put up points anyway is a testament to their talent.

So have at it in the comments and the poll: who's your guy? Has that changed as the season (and the information) has progressed?