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First Round Shot Ratio, Goal Ratio and PDO Graphs


I'm a big fan of the shot ratio, goal ratio & PDO graphs Gabe puts out for the regular season (here) so I thought I'd put together similar graphs for the first round series'. Both teams can be shown on the same graph since the results for one team will be the opposite of other. Goal & shot ratios are indicated on the left hand axis, PDO on the right.

Above is the Wings - Predators Series. Overall Detroit outshot Nashville by a fair margin yet was stymied by Pekka Rinne (Final SV% .944% for Rinne, .888% for Howard).

Here's the rest of the Western Conference:


Once again goaltending drove the results. Chicago outshot Phoenix by a considerable margin but Mike Smiths .950% save percentage was the difference.


As truck recently pointed out St. Louis was one of 2 teams that one who actually outshot their opponent. (In a series that ends quickly this probably isn't a big an anomaly as it sounds since scoring affects come into play).


Shot totals are very close for the Vancouver LA series but one again goaltending was the difference. Lou put up .891%, Schneider .960% (tops in the playoffs) and Quick 2nd at .953%.

And the Eastern Conference:


The battle of the shitty goalies. Shots are pretty flat past the first game.


This was the 2nd series where the winning team outshot the losers. There's some big swings in PDO due to up and down goaltending by Florida.


A very close series - even throughout in shots. In the end goals, shots & save percentage are almost identical.


Boston outshot Washington, Washington got better goaltending and in the end Washington won on the coin toss.