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The NHL's Most Interesting Name Final Bracket: (1) Reto Von Arx vs. (4) Zarley Zalapski

"So I see you rolled your way into the semis..."

The Final Four are established, and now it's just a matter of setting up our championship. This time, the showdown is between a #1 still shaking from a scarily-close opening round bout with Dit Clapper and Double Zs himself. Zalapski has been going strong for awhile now, so this will not be an easy match for Reto.

Follow after the jump for the updated bracket, complete with the results of the #2 Larry Goodenough vs. #7 Fred Sasakamoose slobberknocker.


Once again, the focus of the vote... history is chock full of names that can pique a person's interest, whether it's because it's unintentionally funny to the English sensibility (Petr Pohl), almost regal (Normand Rochefort), or lends itself to entertaining wordplay (Darius Kasparaitis). The criteria for our 'most interesting names' is a bit loose, in that the name can strike you as any one of the above descriptors, or all of them, but ultimately you are going to vote on the name that 'strikes' you the strongest.

Two man enter, one man leave.