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My Aimless Commentary; Not the Real Post-Game Thread

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I'm traveling for work this week - bad timing given that the Canucks game is one of only four games the Jets play West of the Mississippi this year. I found out during today's all-day meeting that one of my co-workers from another office is from Vancouver. "Big Game Tonight,' he said, clearly trying to be friendly. "You're going down," I mouthed, clearly not.

Anyways, we had a dinner scheduled tonight that coincided exactly with the game tonight. When we got to the restaurant, horror of horrors, there was no TV. Way too classy. But I ended up sitting next to Vancouver guy, who dropped his phone down on the table and pulled up the game on it. I got to watch the entire game out of the corner of my eye and even briefly gloated when the Jets had the lead. And my co-worker was nice enough to not gloat when it all collapsed for the Jets - all he did was make stupid jokes about Kyle Wellwood.

All-in-all, a little touch of Canada to warm to cockles of my heart.