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Altitude Check: Wednesday March 21, 2012 Winnipeg Jets News Headlines

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Hey all! Here is our feature running Monday through Friday that will bring you up to date on what's going on in the media pertaining to the Winnipeg Jets.

Here is what's in the news for Wednesday, March 21, 2012:

Arctic Ice Hockey's Benjamin Wendorf on the NHL's induction of helmets in his ongoing series entitled The Shifts That Dramatically Changed the NHL [SB Nation]

Recapping last nights onslaught versus the Pittsburgh Penguins: "They knew the bus coming. They saw the bus coming from miles away. And then the Winnipeg Jets stood still and watched the black-and-gold Greyhound that is the Pittsburgh Penguins plaster them all over the highway. And just to hammer home a point to the rest of the National Hockey League, the Pens backed up over the Jets and drove over them all over again." [WFP]

SB Nation pals at Pensburgh offer more from a Pittsburgh perspective. [Pensburgh]

Claude Noel's thoughts on the loss: "Until we either mature or get better, get the ability to shut those guys down ... even the best players in the league have trouble handling those guys. You’ve got to handle them as a group, and that’s no easy task. ’Cause they pick you apart." [Winnipeg Sun]

More media on what was a painful game to watch. [CBC]

With four assists last night, Sidney Crosby now has 21 points in 12 games this season. Meanwhile, Evgeni Malkin has 93 points in 65 games.That dripping sound you hear is my brain leaking out my nose. []

Updating Winnipeg's playoff probabilities. Hint: Their odds are slightly better than that of Columbus or Edmonton, but it doesn't look good. [Sports Club Stats]

Where does the other half of your 50-50 contributions go? [WFP]

What Tanner Glass thought about Monday's brawl between the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils: "Awesome. Loved it. Stretch drive, two rivals, and it started off with a bang. "It’s your tough guys against theirs. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just that little bit extra. You know that game’s going to be played hard. There’s no hiding out there." Pittsburgh Penguins coach decided to looked down on the situation from his ivory tower: "The Rangers have done that several times this year, different games they thought were big games. The Penguins have not done that." Yeah, you still employ one of the all-time direst players in hockey, bud. [Winnipeg Sun]

Dean Belanger on what effect the MTS Centre has had on the Winnipeg Jets. [Jets Nation]

Finally, watch as Shane Doan rearranges Jamie Benn's face with an elbow. Yowza!