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Jets Power Play Numbers

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Here are the underlying numbers for the Jets players on the power play.

Numbers are from behind the net. I'm going to concentrate on shots for per 60 minutes as the main indicator of how well each player is performing.



TOI/60 SF On/60 GF On/60 On-Ice Sh% P/60
EVANDERKANE 2.16 43.1 9.68 18.33 3.52
TIMSTAPLETON 1.61 40.2 11.48 22.22 7.17
KYLEWELLWOOD 1.88 38 5.09 11.83 2.78
BLAKEWHEELER 2.5 37.9 7.31 16.15 4.87
ANDREWLADD 2.46 37.8 5.5 12.7 3.09
BRYANLITTLE 2.66 37.6 6.45 14.63 4.3
ALEXANDERBURMISTROV 1.33 34.8 6.95 16.67 2.09
NIKANTROPOV 1.97 34.3 6.76 16.47 4.35

Stapleton is included with the forwards although he's spent most of his powerplay time on the point. Burmistrov has also spent time impersonating a defenseman.

Some observations for the forwards:

  • The icetime leaders have been Little, Ladd, & Wheeler followed by Kane, Antropov, Wellwood.
  • By shot production Evander Kane leads all forwards, followed by Tim Stapleton. Wellwood, Wheeler, Ladd & Little all have similar on ice shot rates. Burmistrov & Antropov are our worst regular powerplay performers.
  • Stapleton is leading all forwards in actual points although an abnormally high on ice shooting percentage is a big part of it. At the other end Kyle Wellwood & Andrew Ladd's point totals are suffering from low on ice shooting percentages.

Here's the defensemen:

NAME TOI/60 SF On/60 GF On/60 On-Ice Sh% P/60
MARKFLOOD 1.08 46.4 7.14 13.33 3.57
DUSTINBYFUGLIEN 3.39 41.5 6.75 14 5.14
TOBIASENSTROM 3.24 39.9 6.53 14.06 3.26
ZACHBOGOSIAN 2.52 37 5.72 13.4 2.2

  • Only 4 defensemen have been given more than a minute a night of powerplay time. Byfuglien leads the defensemen in power play time.
  • Surprisingly Mark Flood is leading the defenseman in shot production. However, his total number of games and his average time on ice are both very low so it's quite likely sample size plays a part in this.
  • Byfuglien leads the defensemen in shot production, followed by Enstrom, then Bogosian. If Stapleton is thrown in here he slots between Byfuglien and Enstrom.
  • The shooting percentages of the defenseman are all remarkably similar around 14%. Stapleton's is much higher at 22%.
  • I've left Clitsome off the list but it's worth mentioning a few points about him. With Columbus he averaged just over 2 minutes a night on the powerplay. His SF/60 is 47.1 which would lead all Jets but is only the 4th best total of the Columbus defensmen. His point total is 2.65 /60 which is again 4th best for the Columbus defensemen.

Finally, a few stats related to the Jets powerplay as a team. By the traditional measure of PP%, we have been pretty good this year, 8th best in the league. However, that stat is probably inflated by an abnormally high shooting percentage. Our current powerplay shooting rate of 14.2% is 4th highest in the league. Looking at shot totals tells a different story. The Jets have the 4th worst SF/60 in the league.