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Has Stu Hackel ever visited the internet?

Stu weighs in at SI with "Stats the NHL ought to keep."

Let's see if he has any crazy ideas:

1. Man games-lost to injury.

This data is available for every NHL game. For example, last night's NJD-NYR game. You don't even need to be enterprising to collate the data (I remember some guy in England used to do it). I could probably do it tonight in an hour and make it widely-available. Is Stu complaining that the NHL doesn't do that for him? Because as far as I'm concerned, if they record it, it's a "kept" stat.

2. Hit posts.

Stu says these aren't compiled anywhere. Really? I did it last year, right here. Did Stu show up to comment?

3. Improved shooting accuracy.

Stu says shots that missed the net aren't compiled anywhere. I guess here isn't anywhere.

4. Special teams trends.

Stu wants to see 5- and 10-game trends in PP and PK performance. This, I refuse to enable, and the NHL should refuse too. Of course, if Stu knew about a little thing called ESPN, he could see these statistically-meaningless trends any time he wanted. Like here, he could find out that the Leafs haven't given up a PP goal in 2012.

5. Face-off specifics.

Stu wants faceoffs by zone and thinks nobody collects it. Ever look here: 5v5 faceoffs by zone for centers? But what about 5-on-4? Um, here. 4-on-5? Here. I suppose I should add each player's personal faceoff wins too. But the data he wants is basically there.

6. Time of possession.

Fully agreed. The NHL used to collect it, and there's no reason why they should have stopped. However, Vic Ferrari showed that shot differential is a proxy for zone time, so we don't really need it. You can find Fenwick/Shot Differential right here.

7. Attack zone time.

See #6.

8. Six-on-five situations.

I do keep these stats for myself, but they are not really statistically-significant. I fear that if I shared with Stu, he would make gross and incorrect generalizations. (Given what he's written in this piece so far.)

9. Who draws penalties.

Um, yeah, this has been on the internet for *six* years. Right here for 2011-12. Here for 2007-08.

So what do we have overall? Stu wants nine stats recorded. Four of them are already available on A proxy is recorded for two others. Two others are available on ESPN and could be hacked together in a matter of minutes. The last one is of dubious value.

I guess there's only one thing I think Stu Hackel "ought" to do: run a search on the googles for the stats you want and see if they exist.