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Fun with charts - Alex Ovechkin: before and after Dale Hunter

For the year, Alex Ovechkin has a 48.1% Fenwick ratio and a 47.4% goal ratio (GF/[GF+GA]). Since Dale Hunter took over, Ovechkin's Fenwick ratio has been just 44.5%, while his goal ratio has been much higher, at 51.7%. Here's Ovechkin's work since Hunter took over:


Bruce Boudreau suffered from some bad percentages even though the Caps were moving the puck in the right direction during his tenure. Under Dale Hunter, they took a step back in the possession department but haven't been bitten quite as badly by the percentages. The net result is that a weaker Caps team is now in "3rd" place place in the East as "opponents" Winnipeg and Florida crash down to where we expected them to be. The Caps are a good team (my pre-season pick to win the East) but I'm skeptical that Hunter is contributing much to their success.