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Altitude Check: Tuesday February 7, 2012 Winnipeg Jets Headlines

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Hey all! Here is our feature running Monday through Friday that will bring you up to date on what's going on in the media pertaining to the Winnipeg Jets.

Here are your headlines for Tuesday, February 7, 2012:

Previewing tonight's game vs. Toronto. []

Our SB Nation Pals at Pension Plan Puppets offer more from a Maple Leafs perspective. [PPP]

The Leafs defeated Edmonton at home last night, vaulting themselves past the Ottawa Senators in the Eastern Conference Standings. Toronto - now seventh - is eight points up on the Winnipeg Jets with a game in hand. [The Star]

The Winnipeg Free Press reports that Jets forward Evander Kane will be a game-time decision for tonight's. Not mentioned in the article is the status of Tim Stapleton, who is also a game-time decision as he currently works his way back from a lower-body injury. [WFP]

It's been discussed ad nauseum, but I really dug this barb from Ed Tait: "You can pick up a franchise and move it 2,075 kilometres north from Atlanta to Winnipeg, you can change the name and jersey colours and set them up in front of a passionate fan base. But you can't change this -- the Thrashers/Jets have come exactly as advertised. They are a goal-starved lot lacking a finisher -- especially with Evander Kane out of the lineup." [WFP]

What does Claude Noel make of the teams current scoring drought? "It’s kind of a reflection right now of the way we are kind of playing and executing," Noel said Monday. "We’re not scoring goals five on five. We’re not scoring on the power play. There is a point where I think it will come, but you can’t just rely on that. You have to coach it and that’s what we have to do now." [Globe and Mail]

It was brought up by our community today but Jonathan Willis used Gabe's League Equivalencies chart to calculate the NHL projections of Winnipeg Jets prospects and players in their system. [Jets Nation]

The Carolina Hurricanes placed former Atlanta Thrasher Anthony Stewart on waivers today. Stewart signed a 2 year 1.8MM (900M per - 800M, 1MM) with the Hurricanes in the off-season after the Jets decided not to qualify him, instead filling his roster spot with Kyle Wellwood. [Charlotte Observer]

Finally, contrary to the beliefs that I expressed in yesterday's Press Box Musings, Howard Baldwin - formerly of the Hartford Whalers and San Jose Sharks - had candid remarks about floundering southern NHL markets: "Phoenix is not a good market. Florida's not a good market. Carolina will always be marginal, I think. Anaheim, I think, eventually will be a problem. And if they ever go NBA, which they'd really like to, then it'll be a bigger problem." [Hockey Prospectus]