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Nobody Likes Tobias Enstrom: A Winnipeg Jets "Like" Study

"Oh come on, I'm over <em>here</em> guys."
"Oh come on, I'm over here guys."

Some of you might remember last May when I looked at "Like" totals for players and teams; at the time, I determined that Like totals had some evidence of the old East Coast bias, though Like totals at least reduced the U.S. versus Canada bias a bit. At another time, I'll revisit the Yahoo Like totals, as got lazy on me and no longer gives precise like totals (for instance, Sidney Crosby's been Liked over 16,000 times, but the player page only shows "16K").

The Winnipeg Jets, on the other hand, give us an interesting situation. Basically, with the new team, the team site brought those NHL Like totals to zero for the players (though not for the Yahoo page), which means that the totals have a lot of the past influence removed. Thus, it's time to see how many Winnipeggers have computers.

First, the Yahoo totals that haven't been reset:

Player Likes
Dustin Byfuglien 89
Evander Kane 35
Ondrej Pavelec 32
Andrew Ladd 22
Zach Bogosian 18
Nik Antropov 17
Bryan Little 13
Mark Scheifele 13
Johnny Oduya 12
Chris Mason 10
Jim Slater 10
Blake Wheeler 10
Alexander Burmistrov 9
Tobias Enstrom 8
Tim Stapleton 8
Kyle Wellwood 8
Antti Miettinen 7
Eric Fehr 5
Mark Flood 4
Tanner Glass 3
Randy Jones 3
Mark Stuart 3
Patrice Cormier 3
Ron Hainsey 2
Chris Thorburn 1
Paul Postma 0
Spencer Machacek 0

Apparently, there's little love lost for Nik Antropov, but Toby's only at 8? Wellwood too, for that matter. Now, for the unblemished totals:

Player Likes
Dustin Byfuglien 260
Evander Kane 225
Ondrej Pavelec 193
Zach Bogosian 156
Alexander Burmistrov 151
Andrew Ladd 147
Mark Scheifele 106
Nik Antropov 98
Tanner Glass 88
Eric Fehr 82
Patrice Cormier 76
Mark Flood 75
Bryan Little 70
Blake Wheeler 70
Kyle Wellwood 65
Chris Mason 49
Johnny Oduya 47
Jim Slater 46
Tobias Enstrom 44
Paul Postma 44
Tim Stapleton 39
Mark Stuart 38
Ron Hainsey 26
Chris Thorburn 24
Randy Jones 22
Antti Miettinen 15
Spencer Machacek 8

Once again, Bustin and Kane stand strong up top, but I actually needed to search to find Toby. 44?!! That's less than Slater, less than Oduya, and tied with a kid that's played all of 4 NHL games. On an unrelated note, wow Patrice Cormier.

As Zontar pointed out in the past, Enstrom has been frequently underrated by the fans of his teams, and I can't help but feel like the little guy is getting overlooked. I was sufficiently unhappy to go and Like him on both his Yahoo and player pages, and I'd suggest you do the same. Do you want him to leave us before you had a chance to tell him you "Liked" him?