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GOON: the movie

I got a sneak peek at GOON earlier this week, and now that the film is released, my review is posted. This movie resonated with me for several reasons:

1) It's about gooning it up. As much as I'd like to see fight-first goons eliminated from hockey, I still feel nostalgia for the golden days of ridiculous brawls.

2) It's shot entirely in Winnipeg. And Portage and Brandon. They may pretend to be in Halifax or Quebec City, but it's so clearly not. They even shoot a scene in Kelekis restaurant; I've never been a fan of the place, but it's still a nice touch.

3) My friend's cousin wrote the movie. My friend is, of course, obsessed with Slap Shot - particularly the richness of Paul Newman's profanity - so as soon as this movie started, it was obvious where it came from.

Why else? Go read my review.