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Our New Writer, Alex Hemsky

One of the nice things about team blogs is that they build a community of devoted fans of the team, and each bring their own particular way of enjoying their favorite team. Alex Hemsky caught our eye with his contributions regarding Jets stats analysis, and as kind of the lone wolf at the blog in that area (Gabe is more of a league-wide guy), I saw adding Alex to the fold as an opportunity to expand the department.

He'll be on a mini-hiatus for the next couple of weeks, but all of us here at AIH look forward to seeing his future work and learning more about the stats-side of the Jets. I'm especially looking forward to what he can do with data, as he's been a regular viewer of Jets game-by-game Corsi and Teammate analysis. There's already been a number of healthy debates among us all about player values, so don't be surprised to see Alex flexing his mental muscles in the roundtable format in the near future.

Join me in welcoming Alex to the fold, and Alex, please report to the Stats Department to receive your wings.