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BW Chart for Jets vs Capitals 2/9

We sure like to keep it close, don't we? The comments section was going pretty wacky Thursday night as jack was happening through two periods and then asplosion in da turd. It seemed like a pretty good back-and-forth before things seemed to unravel with the two Capitals goals, and then the Jets fought back with an alarming two goals in about 15 seconds (about the time most of us were ready to pack it in and eat ourselves to sleep). And then blah blah blah overtime, blah blah blah WE ACTUALLY WON ANOTHER FREAKIN' SHOOTOUT.'d the BW look?


Vertical blue lines -- Our goals

Vertical black lines -- Their goals

Shaded green -- Powerplays

Shaded red -- Penalty kills


  • Helllloooo, volatile statistics! Turns out there was a pretty nifty Fenwick battle going on, including a very remarkable comeback from a deep hole in the late 2nd period. Yes, the 3rd was a major crap, but I'll be damned if we didn't come out smelling like a rose.
  • Despite our success, I thought the powerplay looked pretty flat. Yes, we broke through, but I was not impressed (and c'mon, folks, one of those goals was a leetle bit of a fluke).
  • I want to know what the hell Buck prayed for before the 3rd period, because I'm convinced that's what lifted us from typical 3rd period mediocrity. It shall be known as The Buck's Prayer.