Percentages & PDO: Home and Away

Gabe puts out these graphs showing shot & goal ratios as well as PDO. I thought it nicely illustrated the problems the Jets starting having at the beginning of the new year.

I took this data and split it out for home and away games. I think it points out a few things about why our record on the road has been terrible.

The first one here shows home & away shot ratios. We started off playing well at home, not so good on the road. Our away record at the start of the season sucked because we were getting out-shot. Lately that's picked up and the two curves seem to be regressing nicely towards our true talent, slightly better than 500.

Now here's the PDO. Starting around the 14th away game (which works out to the January 4th loss in Montreal) the PDO on the road takes a big nosedive. Note before that we were around 1000 PDO both at home and on the road.

Finally here's the results in terms of goal ratio.

Note: These graphs were produced after the 50th game which happened 6 games ago. Games in February are not included.

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