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Winnipeg Jets Prospect Tracker: Scott Kosmachuk rips it up!

Arctic Ice Hockey tracks the progress of Winnipeg Jets' prospects playing in the CHL: Mark Scheifele, Scott Kosmachuk, Adam Lowry, Austen Brassard, Zach Yuen, Ryan Olsen and Lukas Sutter

Jamie Sabau

As the NHL lockout rages on, rather than focusing on the definition of HRR, the owner/player split and board meetings that accomplish nothing, we will instead turn our attention to the game of hockey itself by featuring (semi)weekly updates on the Winnipeg Jets' CHL prospects: Mark Scheifele, Adam Lowry, Scott Kosmachuk, Lukas Sutter, Ryan Olsen, Austen Brassard, and Zach Yuen.

It has been a couple weeks since we last looked at our CHL prospects. Let’s see how they’ve done since.

2011 1st Round Pick Mark Scheifele: 5GP, 4G, 3A, 7P, Even, OPIM

Mark Scheifele keeps on trucking. Scheifele had another solid, albeit unspectacular (by his standards) week. Scheifele was held pointless twice, but he also had a 4 point outing. Scheif has really picked up his goal production of late. Scheifele scored 13 goals in 12 November games and propelled himself into a tie for 3rd place among OHL goal scorers. Impressive stuff!

2011 3rd Round Pick Adam Lowry: 6GP , 1G, 5A, 6P, Even, 6PIM

Adam Lowry stayed true to his point per game pace over the last couple weeks. As has been the case all season, a large shae-re of his production came on the powerplay. Four of Lowry's six points over this stretch came on the powerplay.

2011 4th Round Pick Zach Yuen: 5GP, 1G, 1A, 2P, -6, 8PIM

Zach Yuen had a relatively rough couple of weeks. The steady defender was -6 over this 5 game stretch and spent a good chunk of time in the sin bin. 8 PIM may not seem like a lot, but Yuen only had 20 PIM on the season before this 5 game stretch. The struggles weren't Yuen specific, his Americans squad went 2-3 over that stretch.

2011 5th Round Pick Austen Brassard: 4GP, 1G, 1A, 2P, +1, 9PIM
Austen had an exciting stretch of games. Not only did he score at a better clip than he has all season, but he also had a wild fight and got himself suspended for 4 games. What happened you ask? Well Austen was in a bit of a skirmish with a player from the Niagara IceDogs. Instead of fighting, Austen decided to remove his opponent from the situation by lifting his legs and tossing him onto the bench. In the end, his opponent would not be denied and they fought anyways.

It looked like this on the score sheet:
3 - BELV A. Brassard, 19:36 - Instigator, 2 min (PP)
3 - BELV A. Brassard, 19:36 - Fighting, 5 min
3 - BELV A. Brassard, 19:36 - Misc-Instigating, (46.10) 0 min
3 - BELV A. Brassard, 19:36 - Game Misc-Inst. (last 5:00), (46.11) 0 min
3 - BELV A. Brassard, 19:36 - Game Misc-Fight off Surface, (46.7) 0 min
3 - BELV J. Cardwell, 19:36 - Game Misc-3rd Man In, (46.15) 0 min

2012 2nd Round Pick Lukas Sutter: 6GP , 0G, 1A, 1P, Even, 19PIM
Speaking of penalty minutes, the Jets king of PIM Lukas Sutter worked to solidify his first place ranking. Sutter added 19 penalty minutes to bring his season total to 75. Lukas didn't do much scoring, but he did assist in the scoring of one goal... well kind of... Sutter was credited with an assist in a play that he had nothing to do with. I mean he really had nothing nothing nothing to do with the play. Nothing.

2012 3rd Round Pick Scott Kosmachuk: 6GP, 6G, 4A, 10P, +6, 11PIM
Kossy boy went wild!! Scott Kosmachuk spent the last couple weeks scoring goals, setting up teammates and punching faces, well one face. Scott led all Jets prospects in scoring over this stretch and he earned himself an OHL player of the week award to boot. After a six game pointless drought, Kossy got back to rolling in a big way.

2012 6th Round Pick Ryan Olsen: 6GP, 3G, 3A, 6P, +3, 8PIM
Ryan Olsen had a nice couple weeks. Olsen put up a point per game, doubled his season assist total and took part in a 9-2 Rockets win vs his old team, Sutter's Saskatoon Blades. Ryan now has 14 goals and 6 assists in 25 games. The assists were bound to come, but it is also nice to see a few even strength points.

Mark Scheifele Barrie Colts, OHL 27 21 23 44 13 13 8 10 1 1.63 0.48
Scott Kosmachuk Guelph Storm, OHL 30 18 16 34 6 49 7 5 0 1.13 1.63
Adam Lowry Swift Current, WHL 31 11 21 32 -5 50 5 12 3 1.03 1.61
Ryan Olsen Kelowna Rockets, WHL 25 14 6 20 11 46 7 2 0 0.8 1.84
Zachary Yuen Tri-City Americans, WHL 29 3 12 15 -4 28 1 6 0 0.52 0.97
Austen Brassard Belleville Bulls, OHL 26 6 4 10 -5 38 2 0 0 0.38 1.46
Lukas Sutter Saskatoon Blades, WHL 27 3 3 6 -13 75 0 0 0 0.22 2.78

  • Scheifele's ability to produce without putting up PIMs is something that stands out to me. Scheifele has only accounted for 13 PIM on the season, and 5 of those were the result of a fight. Even more shocking is that Scheifele has only taken 2 penalties in the last 2 month. That is 2 PIM in 22 games.
  • It has become clear at this point that Yuen won't have another dominant +/- season, but this doesn't mean his play has tailed off. Last year's squad had four players with a +40 or better, it doesn't look like anyone will get close to that this year.
  • Ryan Olsen continues to put up points and add to his +/- despite often being matched against his opposition's best players. It will be interesting to see how he progresses as a big bodied 2 way centre.
For video hightlights from some of these games, click play!!
Video courtesy of Hammer Slammer o HF Boards.