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BW Chart for Jets vs Canadiens 1/4

This is one of those cases where I missed the game and really didn't get a sense of how it went until after watching the highlights and putting this together. And boy did it look bad.

In my defence, I left after we were up 1-0 to go to roller derby practice, so I can't really be held accountable for all the goals that texan, CAPS, et al allowed to happen. This won't be pretty, but let's have a look...


Vertical Blue Lines -- Our goals

Vertical Black Lines -- Their goals

Shaded Green -- Powerplays

Shaded Pink -- Penalty kills


  • That initial goal might have been uplifting, but we played from behind for a vast majority of this game (shots-wise and on the scoreboard).
  • We seem to be our own worst enemy, taking penalties just about the time we start to generate some offence and plunging ourselves back into the deep negative.
  • Look at the early part of that 3rd period...stick a fork in us, we're done.
  • Our first test to see (as it was fashionable to say) whether we are road warriors came back negative.