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Altitude Check: Monday January 30, 2012 Winnipeg Jets Headlines

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Hey all! Here is our feature running Monday through Friday that will bring you up to date on what's going on in the media pertaining to the Winnipeg Jets.

It's been awhile since we have ran headlines, so let's get caught up on what's in the news over the last week:

I'm not sure if Gary Lawless is using impeccable dry wit in the title of his article "Kane entitled to rights as a citizen" (re: Tim Thomas) or if he is honestly aloof to the situation. In any case, whether there's truth to the rumors that Evander Kane skips on his bills and fights in bars is completely irrelevant to the big picture. While playing in Winnipeg, Atlanta and Vancouver (WHL), Kane has managed to alienate himself with his egotistical attitude which he nonchalantly displays to anyone willing to talk to him. That's the red flag at hand here and not the "he said/she said" game of telephone gossip this city is playing with it's young superstar. [WFP]

Though his contributions will probably be few and far between, you can follow Evander Kane as he blogs for the Winnipeg Free Press. [Citizen Kane]

I have read blogs, newspapers and message boards all complaining that no members of the Winnipeg Jets were present at this weekends NHL All-Star Game in Ottawa, ON. Here's why, via Brendan Shanahan: "We wanted to ask Evander Kane and he came up with a concussion. Then we went to Toby Enstrom and he had travel plans." [WFP]

Will Winnipeg host an NHL All-Star Game in the near future? [Globe & Mail]

Lacking in Gary Lawless' article "Can't fault Hainsey for not being dumb" (sweet English, Gary) is context. After two 30+ point seasons in Columbus where Hainsey was used primarily as a power play quarterback, the Atlanta Thrashers inked him to a 5 year contract at 4.5MM per to be their number one defenseman. In his first year as a Thrasher, Hainsey lead the team in points by a defenseman (39), but the emergence of Tobias Enstrom and acquisition of Dustin Byfuglien have pushed Hainsey into a role that doesn't suit his brand of hockey. Now he's stuck at an impasse as Winnipeg decides what is best for both the team and the player. Plus, anyone faulting a player for accepting a dump-truck full of money being offloaded in their front yard is out of touch anyway. [WFP]

Kevin Cheveldayoff puts a positive spin on the current state of the franchise. [Winnipeg Sun]

More Cheveldayoff, this pertaining to the trade deadline: "We’ve been very open and candid about our situation: we’re always going to be buyers for things that are going to help us in the future. That's the approach we've taken and that's the approach we're going to continue to take. But that's an astute way to look at it: when you move an asset you are essentially a buyer and a seller. Everything comes at a cost and that's where you have to determine if you want to pay the cost and if the price is reasonable." [National Post]

I agree with Paul Friesen's notion that there are individuals in this city currently complaining about Winnipeg's .500 record when back on May 31, 2011 they were just happy to inherit any NHL franchise, even the Atlanta Thrashers. Where I draw the line is his pot shots on Jets management: "We got the ’Hawks assistant GM, Kevin Cheveldayoff, not Stan Bowman, the big boss. We got Claude Noel, the head coach of the Manitoba Moose, not Claude Julien, head coach of the Boston Bruins." Both Cheveldayoff and Noel have good minds for the game and need time to bring in players that fit their system. That said, don't expect big free agent splashes or blockbuster trades. It's a slow build here in Winnipeg. Patience is key. And just so Paul Friesen knows, Dale Tallon was the architect behind Chicago's Stanley Cup, not Stan Bowman. [Winnipeg Sun]

Cam Charron does an excellent job using statistical evidence to conclude that Winnipeg has been playing well, despite a rough month of January. [Jets Nation]

An update on the St. John's IceCaps. [WFP]

Alex Walling does the leg work on what the AHL's return to St. John's, NL has meant to the Atlantic city. [TSN]

And finally, not Winnipeg Jets related but despite lacking Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin among others at this years NHL All-Star Game, Scott Hartnell was the feel good story of the weekend and he saved his best for Sunday. [Puck Daddy]