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BW Chart for Jets vs Bruins 1/10

Shawn Thornton, really?
Shawn Thornton, really?

Tuesday's game against Boston was going to be tough, that much was clear, and for the Jets it was unfortunate since we had struggled on the road against relatively easier teams in Montreal and Toronto. Turns out that, yup, the Bruins are good, and we were unable to stem the tide in a 5-3 loss. Regardless, our BW looked not too shabby, at least until the 3rd period.


Vertical Blue Lines -- Our goals

Vertical Black Lines -- Their goals

Shaded Green -- Powerplays

Shaded Pink -- Penalty kills


  • Two important things of note, not included on here: both the Bruins and the Jets had penalty shots, Winnipeg with Chris Thorburn in the first and Boston with Shawn Thornton in the 2nd (seriously, the only breakaway either guy's getting on the year, and you make it into a penalty shot?).
  • We played relatively even, back-and-forth hockey with one of the best teams on Earth; I'd say that's something to be proud of.
  • Things really started to fall apart in the 3rd period - as Andrew Ladd observed, "We felt confident going into the third period, and that first shift killed us. It took the air out of the team, and we have to be better at the start of the period." To be fair, Andrew, we need to be good for the rest of the third period, too. We got torn a new asshole throughout those 20 minutes.