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BW Chart for Winnipeg Jets vs Toronto 12/31

Condolences...the bums lost!
Condolences...the bums lost!

The Jets closed out 2011 by increasing their impressive record to 19-14-5, good for 43 points and 4 points behind the Panthers for tops in the Southeast. Our prospects for division lead are clouded by the fact that the Panthers have played pretty well and the Capitals are surging, but we're still playing some pretty solid hockey and could (per Fenwick data) sneak into a playoff spot. Having our next 3 games against two struggling teams (Montreal, Buffalo) and a team we just beat (Toronto) certainly could help.

As for last night and our BW...



Powerplays and Penalty Kills

1st Period: 3:28 - 5:28 (5v4); 13:49 - 13:59 (4v5, PP goal)

2nd Period: 1:16 - 2:51 (5v4, PP goal); 3:22 - 5:22 (5v4); 9:18 - 10:50 (5v4, PP goal); 16:17 - 18:17 (5v4); 18:51 - 20:00 (4v5, end period)

3rd Period: 0:00 - 0:51 (4v5); 1:26 - 3:26 (4v5); 15:54 - 17:54 (5v4)

  • Wow, it looks like we were finally on the other side of a ref screwjob. Nice to not have to fight through that kind of crap again.
  • In our defence, we played a pretty solid game throughout, and our goaltending played well (only one of the goals was even-strength).

A lot to look forward to in 2012...