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Jets Noise for Thurs

Your daily Jets Links

  • Yesterday was called the darkest day in the history of hockey by IIHF president Rene Fasel
  • Russian Pravda on the tragedy (
  • Official Jets statement regarding the tragedy (
  • Current Jets players comment on this tragedy and their relationships with Brad McCrimmon in Atlanta (WFP)
  • Jim Slater can relate to Sidney Crosby's concussion issues (WFP)
  • Kevin Cheveldayoff was impressed with the jersey design, given the short time frame. (WFP)
  • Some anticipation on what the St.John's Ice Caps jerseys will look like. (Ice Caps)

The Statosphere

  • Jared over at Driving Play with a look at why the NHL Playoffs are the Tournament of Small Sample Sizes.  (Driving Play)
  • Eric at Broad Street Hockey with a couple of posts looking at how much shooting rates increase as a player ages.  (Part 1 - Part 2)
  • Dave at Blue Seat Blogs trying out a new metric, Points Above Threshold (PAT), constructed with help (literal and figurative) from Tom Awad and his Goals Versus Threshold (GVT) and Glenn Miller and his Wins Above Threshold (WAT).  Give him a look and feedback, we're all in this together.  (Blue Seat Blogs)