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Jets Noise for Wed

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Your Daily Jets Links

The news for yesterday was the jersey release. The Jets certainly did not blink in their connection to the Royal Canadian Air Force, despite some criticism of too much military influence in the logo. The jersey colors themselves are also influenced by the RCAF and the jersey presentation was not just on 17 Wing Winnipeg, it was orchestrated to really emphasize that connection. With military personal following the players out of the Hercules plane and standing on stage with them.

The jerseys are in baseball terms a solid line drive at the very least. At least a single if you don't like the logo. A double to triple if you do. They may not be a home run to some critics but it is impossible to consider them a strike out from any fair critique.

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Winnipeg Jets 2011 - 2012 Jersey FULL Press Conference Live From 17th Wing Base Winnipeg: 09/06/11 (via JHendrix70)

On the NHL Radar

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