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The NHL's Most Interesting Name: 1940s Part II


Now I know where the cop 'stache came from...(National Film Board of Canada via

Ahhh, remember the 1940s? Me neither. I can't really fathom a time when my parents would consider naming me Fern (don't get me wrong, it's a fine name...for a plant) or Randley (which actually was a Wendorf family name).

But it happened. We're going to fathom right now.

Same rules as before: history is chock full of names that can pique a person's interest, whether it's because it's unintentionally funny to the English sensibility (Petr Pohl), almost regal (Normand Rochefort), or lends itself to entertaining wordplay (Darius Kasparaitis). The criteria for our 'most interesting names' is a bit loose, in that the name can strike you as any one of the above descriptors, or all of them, but ultimately you are going to vote on the name that 'strikes' you the strongest.

Here are the best of the rest: