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Jets Noise for Wed

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Your Jets Links

  • Jets rookies caught in thick Oilers D - lose 2-0 (CBC)
  • Andrew Ladd has had a very busy week with Captain duties (WFP)
  • Tanner Glass is ready to roll (WFP)
  • Jets will honor Rick Rypien with a helmet decal for the inaugural season - very classy move (WFP)
  • The Jets have invited David Aebischer, Troy Bodie and David Koci and Janne Pesonen to camp (WFP)
  • Nice story on the statue of Timothy Eaton in the MTS. Some American readers probably have no idea who Timothy Eaton is. He is kind of like Canada's Sam Walton except a 100 years earlier and with better wages for his employees in his Eaton stores. (Globe and Mail)
  • Zach Redmond - School first, hockey second - not sure if a lot of young Jets fans are going to be able to follow Redmond's example this year : ) (Winnipeg Sun) 
  • The Jets return to Winnipeg is good for the NHL (Winnipeg Sun)