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Jets Noise for Tues

Your almost daily Jets links

  • EA Sports got the logo, but not the jersey, included into NHL 12 at the last second (Winnipeg Sun)
  • Forget Atlanta and the southern teams. Can any NHL city produce a crowd of 1000 people for a rookie practice and cheer each player as they hit the ice? No NHL city can even claim to come close to that kind of hockey fever. (Sportsnet) & (WFP) & (Canoe)

"Wearing a Jets jersey is pretty cool and walking off the ice and having the fans bombard you after a rookie camp practice is unbelievable [and] it just goes to show all of the guys what this town is made of. It’s awesome. You look up and I’ve never seen anything like this for a practice." 

Jason Gregoire
  • Ondrej Pavelec hits the ice and talks playoffs. The analysis on the Jets currently may be on a rebuilding young team but I like hearing players talking like this, cultivating a "Fall for Hall" mentality is not something I ever want to see. Respect the Crest cause losing is never acceptable for a Jet, tolerable on occasion but never encouraged. Let the battle for the starting G begin. (WFP)
  • Little blurb on the old and new Jets (Jets Nation)
  • Zach Bogosian wants to play in Winnipeg but says show me the money (WFP)

I’m here for a reason [and] that’s because I want to play here, I want to be here. - Zach Bogosian