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Jets Noise for Sat

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Your Daily Jets Links

  • Kyle Wellwood is looking forward to joining the Jets (National Post)
  • More on Rookie Camp (Canoe)
  • Jets players are finding some challenges in the Winnipeg Real Estate market (The Toronto Star)
  • Nik Antropov mourns the loss of Igor Korolev who was godfather to his son. (WFP)
  • The Prime Minister of Canada is on the waiting list for a jersey as well and will likely be attending the Jets home opener (WFP)
  • More on the Dustin Byfuglien fiasco and my suggestion he get traded gets quashed. (WFP)
  • Kendall McFaull is heading into camp with high hopes - audio link at the bottom of the article (DiscoverMoosejaw)
  • Zach Bogosian is still unsigned - should we be concerned? (WFP)
  • Jersey originality talk on (Houses of Hockey)
  • Quote of the Day
 "It doesn’t happen very often where a Canadian franchise starts anew. To be on that team is going to be a lot of fun and I certainly feel privileged, to get lucky again and have a great fan base." - Kyle Wellwood - Sept 10, 2011