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What Can Kick the Night Off All Right? Some Links, Methinks

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Jim Slater: Good at faceoffs.  Wears hats.
Jim Slater: Good at faceoffs. Wears hats.

Yeah, there's a buttload of Jets-related articles going on and I don't want to Fan Shot them all.  In lieu of doing that, I'm going for the rare (to this point) AIH Links post.  Enjoy...

  • Oh Boy, Oberto!  Jets on the TeeVee!  And my boombox!  Big, 10-year deal with TSN and Sports Radio 1290 (home to our friends over at Illegal Curve) {}
  • A few of the counterfeit jerseys identified by Rick Moldovanyi over at Houses of the Hockey.  Quick tip that Rick forgot: don't buy from a guy named Snakes {Houses of the Hockey}
  • Sara Orlesky is the new person to follow on Twitter, as she'll be the official TSN Jets reporter.  Try not to be creepy, guys {Sara Orlesky}
  • Bryan Little giving us some personality, both his own and of his teammates.  Jim Slater's nickname should be "Hat" {Winnipeg Free Press}
  • Not Jets-focused, but a great piece by James Mirtle giving Marc Savard's unfortunate news the appropriate treatment: placing him among the large group of veterans forced to retire due to concussions.  It's not entirely avoidable, but it is a problem, folks {The Globe and Mail}
  • I hate to leave you with a depressing one, so watch this video {YouTube}
  • UPDATE: Okay, so maybe tonight will not be all right...terrible news out of Toronto, as Wade Belak was found dead in a hotel room.  Best wishes to his friends and family.  {National Post}