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The NHL's Most Interesting Name: 1920s & 30s Part II

Well, now that we've gotten down with the old-timeyness, it's time to do it again. If you are unaware of name of the game, here's my initial post. We want the name that jumps out at you. So far, we're carrying over three names to the finals of the Depression era: Punch Broadbent, Odie Cleghorn, and Red Green. Our next nominees...

  • Ebbie Goodfellow - Possibly the best Ebenezer in NHL history, he was a nice enough guy, unlike future symbol of irony Larry Playfair.
  • Obs Heximer - That is a premium super-villain name if I ever saw one.
  • Baldy Cotton - Something about his name makes me feel dirty. Probably one of those times I wouldn't appreciate the touch, the feel of cotton.
  • Hib Milks - Kind of a WTF name. To make matters weird, he played a lot with old Baldy Cotton.
  • Rosie Couture - This is one of those cases where hockey nicknaming convention (take a derivative of the player's name and tack on "-ie") failed poor Rosario. Also, his last name is "fashion."
  • Dolly Dolson - Pretty sure there's no era where a guy named "Dolly" would avoid some degree of ridicule; his real name was Clarence, so I guess you pick your poison.
  • Farrand Gillie - Kind of creepy in that his date of death is unknown. My guess is he left the civilized world for the magical bosom of the rainforest, where his story would be immortalized in animated storytelling.
  • Bun Cook - Was part of the "Bread Line" with brother Bill and Frank Boucher, though he was the only one tagged with the pastry nickname. Had he been born 70 years later, he almost certainly would've went with "Cinnabon."
  • Hec Kilrea - Right there with Hib Milks in the WTF category, not surprisingly "Hec" is short for "Hector". Never really struck me as a name that needed shortening.
  • Baldy Northcott - Unlike Baldy Cotton, Baldy Northcott was thus named because of his lush hair, as a joke. I guess you had to be there. The name still makes me feel weird, especially because it's almost an anagram of "Baldy Cotton".

If you're really getting a kick out of these names, and how seemingly innocuous nicknames have now become innuendo, there's more coming. In the meantime, give us your vote.