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Should the Jets Take a Chance on Cam Barker?

Well, the ink is hardly dry on the paper, but it's pretty clear that some of the weighty or disappointing players are soon going to be added to the free agent market.  Guys like Chris Drury, Sheldon Souray, and Cam Barker are among those slated to be cast adrift.  I know the Jets management has a solid amount of wiggle room, and despite an underwhelming free agent class this is an opportunity to add some veteran depth, especially to our defensive and back-6 on the forward lines.  To the point, our defence is still quite young, and guys like Sheldon Souray and Cam Barker have quite a few games of NHL experience; this makes them "salty", "crafty", "grizzled", and you know whatever adjective you'd like to choose that alludes to their wizened status.  At times, Barker has been solid on the powerplay and shown glimpses of what made him a 3rd overall pick in the 2004 NHL draft.  He's young for a player with so many games, he's still a former 1st-rounder, and he does have a 40-point campaign under his belt.  So I think it's quite understandable, in a weaker class, for us to think about guys like him, who might have flamed out for other teams but might be salvageable (though still kind of expensive) for a smaller market like Winnipeg.  So follow me after the jump, as I answer that critical question: Should the Jets take a chance on Cam Barker?

Haha no, that's a terrible idea.