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Jets Noise for Wednesday

Jets Noise

  • Some blogging debate erupted about what exactly the plane is in the Jets logo, F16 or CF18? The F16 was never used by the Canadian Air Force and some were seeing this as a huge faux pas. The truth of the matter, it is neither. It is an artist's rendition of a fighter jet. [The Toronto Star]
"We never said that it was a CF-18 Hornet," said Scott Brown, a spokesman for True North Sports and Entertainment. "It’s inspired by jets flown by the military. It is not precisely a CF-18 Hornet, which is why we avoided saying that."

  • Some early mock-ups of Jets hockey sweaters. [Icethetics]
  • The gear is flying off the shelves and is selling on-line at double and even triple the store prices. Incredible demand for Jets merchandise and it isn't just in Winnipeg. At this point it should be clear that there is at least some Jets fans like myself who live outside Winnipeg or abroad. [Global News]
  • You can pre-order jerseys. It is bold to pre-order blind but when you look at how great that logo looks against the existing colors, how can they really miss. [Winnipeg Sun] 

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  • Down goes Brown gives us a humorous look at the countdown to opening night [Down Goes Brown]
  • A very clear answer to the historical questions I had on the contents of the upcoming media guide have been answered. Those old Jets individual records for Dale Hawerchuk et al will not appear. [National Post]
  • An interview with Alexander Burmistrov. The translation is a little awkward in spots but chances are you are not going to see it anywhere outside of Russia and probably only in English here on [Jets Nation].
  • Speaking of Jets Nation and the Nation Network our own Commander and Chief himself, Gabe was recently featured. Gabe's Interview - Segment 3 (Bit of a spolier - Gabe has surprising comments on the new logo - I am aghast - curling Gabe, really? - reallllllyyyy) 

In case some readers new to Arctic Ice are wondering why he is referred to as an epic genius on the Nation Network (is this sarcastic?) it isn't, his pioneering work in advanced hockey stats is well known and well respected. The fact he is also a Jets fan means we are going to get a taste of some very high level articles here.

Around the NHL

  • Penguins sign Jason Williams to a one year deal [The Hockey News] 
  • A controversial top 25 Centers by [Puck Daddy] Is Anze Kopitar really that low ? 
  • Puck Daddy was quickly questioned by [The Hockey Writers]. Rightly so in my humble opinion. 
  • Nikolai Khabibulin does not pass go, goes straight to jail. [L.A. Times] The Bulin Wall is in the big house behind an even bigger wall.

And that is it for today with this parting video for those of you who may enjoy old films and some RCAF references. I've seen more than a handful of mocking comments on the Jets logo from various people on the Internet, regrettably some feel a need to mock Canada's Air Force to get their view across on the logo.


What do you say? It is saddening.


By the end of World War II Canada had the 4th largest Air Force in the world which is amazing when you consider how small the population is. Canada also entered both World War I and World War II over 2 years before the United States. I'm just going to leave it at that. Sad really to see some people mocking the military service of another nation and a traditional ally but what can you do? 


RCAF clips from 1941 Movie (via cl033149)