Next Chapter in Deshon Marman story


I posted about this story a while back. All of the charges against Marman were dropped, so I find it really galling that people are still trying to make it seem like he was in the wrong. For example, in the story I linked to here: "The San Mateo County district attorney said Marman will not face charges for allegedly resisting arrest and injuring a cop during the June 15 incident...When Marman was arrested, he allegedly scuffled with San Francisco police officers." Any of you know someone who actually "scuffled with...police officers?" What happened to them? The ones I've known have usually found themselves with criminal records. Here's the thing: if there is insufficient evidence for the district attorney to bring charges against Marmon, then that means he no longer "allegedly" did anything - certainly nothing that contravened the law. If charges were still pending, then "allegedly" is correctly terminology. But when you "allege" something about someone in the absence of evidence, that's called libel. Bottom line - Deshon Marman got a bad rap from a bad airline.