Who owns the Jets' history?

I know that, technically the Phoenix Coyotes "own" the original Jets' franchise history. The record for most goals by a rookie and the fastest goal scored from the start of a game are Phoenix Coyotes records, but should that be the case? What is it that gives a team its identity? Is it the people? If so, how many people are there currently with the Coyotes that were part of the organization when Selanne scored his 76th goal in 1993? How about in 1981 when Doug Smail scored 5 seconds into a game against St. Louis? Should Ab McDonald be considered the first captain of the Phoenix Coyotes if he never played a game in that uniform? Should Bobby Hull's #9 be retired in Winnipeg or Phoenix considering the only games he played in Phoenix were as a visitor against the Roadrunners?

If a team moves a few miles into a diffrent suburb then I would still agree that there is continuity of the franchise, but if there is a major relocation, even if the players are the same I think that it should be considered a new team. It is the city that makes the franchise. Otherwise why do we go out and support them?  If a city reenters the league the history and heritage of any prior franchise should be inherited by the new club. What do you think?

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