SSW: Goal Reliability Part II (Defensemen)

My previous article about goal reliability for forwards can be found here. You can read through that study for the methods, and some discussion.  The same methods were used to obtain these results.


The sample contains 139 D who played over 40 games for at least the past 3 seasons.  From the graph above we note a Cronbach's alpha of 0.7 at 76 games (95%CI 53-117), with split-half season at 0.65 for that mark.  This is substantially different from Forwards 0.7 at 38 games, by comparison of proportions at 38 games p=0.0185.

I'll be posting on the rest of the traditional stats (A, Pts, +/-, PIM) soon.  And I also briefly cover regression to the mean, which explains the utility of these stats for individual players.

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