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A New Era in Winnipeg Hockey and Hockey Coverage Begins...

You may have just noticed something a little different - after two years of writing and over fifteen years of waiting for the NHL to return to Winnipeg, Behind the Net Blog is no more. Today, we begin our coverage of the new Winnipeg Jets franchise and the proud history of hockey in Winnipeg. We'll still have some of the best statistical hockey coverage in the world, but our focus will be on Winnipeg hockey 24/7.

I'd like to introduce our writing team:

Ben Wendorf, site editor and Gary Bettman's least favorite writer

Ryan Blight - so huge a Winnipeg hockey fan, he previously covered the Manitoba Moose for SBN's Canucks blog

Paul Blawat - is our resident music expert and will be responsible for selecting which Van Halen song plays when the Jets skate onto the ice

Ryan Popilchak (SO_RyanP) - currently writes for 29 different blogs, including SBN's Calgary blog and Puck Prospectus

Mitch Smith - a Winnipegger through marriage, he also writes for SBN's Calgary blog, and will be responsible for tracking down Pat Elyniuk

We'll have all kinds of content for you in the coming days - and please peruse the hundreds of articles, some Winnipeg-related, some not, that we already have on the site.