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2 Sedins No Cup

How can I sum up my perspective on the Canucks and their fans rioting last night ?

How can I properly express how utterly disgusted I was with it ? Yet even in my disgust was unable to look away; as those cheeky Canuck fans just spread out all over Vancouver spewing a putrid example of themselves to shock the world. 

Hmmmmm - wonder how I can do that - some shocking video about a cup and two people out there somewhere ?

People you may soon see in prison.

Too bad many Canuck fans do not seem aware that face recognition software allows digital images to be cross-referenced with the Motor Vehicles' Drivers License digital images database; which of course the police can access anytime they want.  This isn't 1994 anymore Canuck fans. 

Back to hockey - I picked the Canucks to win the Cup. Not going to lie, I even anticipated a potential sweep, that is just how the analysis played out for me personally. I didn't want the Canucks to win but I also can take off the emotional hat and break the teams down comparatively.

My analysis obviously did not bear fruit. Some non-number based quick thoughts on why after the jump...

So why didn't the Canucks win the Cup ? 

(1) The Sedins did not factor. There is little point having two Art Ross Trophy winners if they can not perform in the playoffs. 

(2) Luongo did not come up with the big game. It is clear at this point that the man is not psychological steel. Just one win in Boston is all he had to do and he simply looked like he gave up in those games.

(3) The deep Canuck D was hit hard and worn down by Boston.

(4) Ryan Kesler can not win the Cup alone.

(5) Finally and most importantly the Canucks fatal error is that they took the low road. Burrows biting, Rome's late hit, Lapierre's finger wagging and taunting - they simply angered the hockey gods. It was never going to happen. 

The 2011 Canucks, so good, they beat themselves. 

The fact the Bruins were the best team in Game 7 stood out pretty tall too. Tall, like Zdeno Chara tall. Tim Thomas was no slouch either. 

As much as I would like to break down the hockey, I just can't get the ugly riot images out of my mind at the moment, they are distracting me and bothering me. Like the Canucks losing, I simply did not expect this to happen. 

Vancouver just put on the Winter Olympics and there was the very real expectation that they were a modern and mature city now, capable of handling the public eye. That they had grown far beyond the ugly riot of 1994. 

It bothers me that the Bruins who played a great series and have as well-earned a Cup as any I can recall have the shadow of these drunks and punks hanging around them. It bothers me that the day after a historic Cup I have images of hooligans in my mind instead of hockey players.

I take solace in one thing. For any of you Canuck fans who participated in this riot. You will likely be brought to justice. This is not 1994. You have embarrassed your city, your country and shamed hockey fans everywhere. A permanent criminal record will be attached to you young punks, it will affect your lives. 

So sit there and squirm for the next few days and wait for it cause there is a Man coming around. It may take awhile but that doorbell will ring and when it does, the Man will be standing there for you punks.

Stop watching my game.

When The Man Comes Around (via VBpictures)