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What's up with Sharks Fans?

The 2010-11 San Jose Sharks have averaged 73.0 shots on goal per 60 minutes at 5-on-4 so far this season.  That's #1 in the league by a wide margin, and #1 over the last four seasons, also by a wide margin.  And how many shots is that per two-minute power-play opportunity?  A grand total of 2.4 (the league average is closer to 1.5.)

So why the hell were Sharks fans booing their own team's PP at the game last night?  Because they had only five shots on goal in eight minutes on the power-play. 

I'm not going to lie - going to a Sharks game does little to convince me that Sharks fans know anything about hockey.  They cheered Antti Niemi's ridiculous new contract, and they get excited when Jamal Mayers has the puck.  And they will not stop bitching that the PP doesn't get 26 shots on goal every time they have the man-advantage.  I suppose it makes life interesting for management because their fan base will react unpredictably to any move they make!