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Shot Quality Prize: Redux

I have to say that I'm disappointed that we got zero entries for the 'Shot Quality Prize.' Hell, we didn't even get an outline of a research piece. I suppose Derek Zona and I are both a little wealthier because we didn't have to pay anything out for the prize, but I'd much rather have seen some intelligent pieces on the topic of shot quality.

So the contest is re-opened through the end of the Stanley Cup playoffs. And let me throw out some ideas to get you rolling:

- Are there players or teams with the ability to drive or suppress on-ice shooting percentage? What are their characteristics?

- Are there special teams systems that lead to higher or lower shooting percentage? How would we prove that they accomplish what we believe them to do?

- When we see transient highs or lows in shooting percentage, to what extent are they driven by transient shifts in shot quality?

- Are there certain teams that are more likely to get a scoring chance when they take a shot?

So go to it. $150 and fame are still there for the taking.