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What does it Take to be a Goon?

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In the hey-day of gooning it up, Tiger Williams frightened his opponents and rode his stick - at 5'11, 190.  Dave Schultz was a solid 6'1, 190.  That's the same size as noted pugilist Daniel Sedin.  All of this got me to wondering how big guys who took a lot of penalties were relative to the rest of the league.  Through the mid-1970s, there really wasn't much of a difference - all it took to be a goon was a foul temper:


The same thing happened in the weight department - in 1975, a guy who was 5'11, 190 was perfectly suited to get into 25 fights in a season:


BMI is a more informative trend - guys who took more penalties have always been bulkier than average, and they've bulked up significantly over the last 25 years:


Overall, the last few decades have seen goon specialization - teams have selected for larger and bulkier players.